Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable practices

Rug weaving is a craft steeped in tradition, being passed from one generation to the next. Maintaining sustainable practices throughout manufacturing has always been something we are keen to implement and promote across the industry. 

Charitable endeavours  

We have been closely involved with numerous charitable endeavours both locally and internationally for many years. Our core aims are centred around improving the well being of children, and engaging some of the most marginalised communities. A significant portion of our profits is used to support these causes. The mission is to ensure children, wherever they may be are granted a proper education ensuring great independence.

Locally, we work closely with Food Banks who support families going through hardships, particularly due to events over the last year. Internationally we work in a variety of locations from some of the toughest areas, where children are prevented from seeking an education due to their background, disability, gender or other forms of discrimination. Our current project is building a community in rural Zambia, consisting of a School, Medical Centre and Masjid. Be sure to follow us on our social platforms for more information on how you can help us achieve our mission.